America's #1 George Strait Impersonator


Brent was born in Baytown, Texas, where he continues to reside today. Through his early years he loved all types of music while even singing in a rock band in junior high and high school. It all began when his parents bought him an electric guitar and amp for Christmas in the sixth grade.


Being a South Texas boy, he followed George Strait’s musical career since the early 1980’s. This came naturally since he had married a West Texas cowgirl (and a former Miss Texas Tech University), Joy Clark.


Brent has been performing and singing professionally since 2008. He was encouraged by having friends compare both his voice and appearance to George Strait.


Recently, while at the Lubbock, Texas, airport after going through security, Brent was paged and a request was made for him to report to a different departure gate where some Southwest Airline flight attendants and ticket agents asked to see identification, thinking he was George Strait traveling under an alias. They were insistent on getting autographs because one of them had attended the George Strait concert at Texas Tech University the night before and was certain this was him and that she was not mistaken. Although flattered, Brent said, “Don’t they know George Strait travels in his own private jet?”


Brent’s musical highlight is when he performs with Members of the Ace in the Hole Band.  The first time Brent performed with them Benny McArthur commented, “Brent, you really surprised us.” Brent had a great time and said that it was one of the coolest things he had ever done.  He said, "not only are those guys great musicians, but they are just really nice people."


Brent’s act consists of an eight member band playing a two hour show comprising mainly George's number ones and current hits. Brent is currently booking dates through New Year’s Eve 2020.


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